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About Madison Home

Since 1998, Madison Home has been a design center in creating fabulous, fun, traditional, transitional, and contemporary interiors. Yes, we love fine furniture and design, but deep down, we are ordinary people who love making our houses feel like homes. We believe that everyone should love their home, too.

Because we are passionate about design, we offer the best and latest styles of exquisite furniture and accessories. Our furniture is available in a variety of different fabrics and finishes, to tailor to each individual's style. In addition, each item is hand-made in the time-honored tradition of fine craftsmanship, most pieces are made domestically. .

We invite you to come into our home. Relax, lounge, and enjoy. Let us assist you with design and furnishing, so you can continue to enjoy every moment of living in your home.

A look inside Madison Home:

Sam Le - Principal

Sam is the co-founder of Madison Home. Known for his philanthropic work in his native country of Vietnam, he is the author of the best-selling book “Spirit Stills the Storm”. The detailed memoir of his incredible journey from Vietnam to the U.S is an uplifting story of sacrifice, courage, and love.

Tammy Le - Principal

Tammy is well known for her artistic skill of floral arrangement. Her award wining custom designs have graced high end hotels, offices, and homes. She currently owns and runs Madison Country – a boutique store carrying her designs, as well as French Country furniture and accessories.

Lam Le - Designer

Lam's background in design and home furnishings started at an early age. He refurbished old cast-off, recycled furniture and used them as props for his parents' floral and gift business. It was then that Lam realized his passion for design. Madison Home of today reflects some of that direction. Mixing and shaking up old and new, refined and reclaimed, luxury and casual.

Lisa Marie Dolan - Designer

Lisa was exposed to high end design while living in Los Angeles for 6 years. After graduating from interior design school, Lisa worked for Nordstrom and Pottery Barn. At these two fine establishments, Lisa learned the value of providing exceptional service by truly listening to clients. As a designer at Madison Home, Lisa cares deeply that clients are happy in the selection process from furniture to rugs and accessories.

Salina Jackson - Designer

Coming from a family of designers, Salina has been surrounded by interior design since she was a little girl. She enjoys taking the time to truly listen to the clients needs to create and implement a beautiful design while keeping things functional for every day life. You will find Salina's genuine approach to design a comforting and satisfying experience.

Celeste Monteiro- Designer

Celeste grew up in Lyon, France- known for being the last stop on the Silk Route. Today Lyon is still renown for its textile industry where she graduated from a clothing design school. Here in Spokane she pursued a career in floral design at the Davenport Hotel's flower shop and now at Madison Home Celeste brings her talent into interior design. Her desire is to help her clients find the perfect furniture and decor that will fit their comfort and way of life.

Here is an encouraging story our owner Sam would like to share with you:

Everyday you and I are given two choices.
One is to be kind, and the other . . to be right. Your choice will determine who you are and how blissful you can be.
When you exercise your right to be right, you may get a moment of instant gratification, but never a peace, joy and bliss which you will have when you choose to be kind.
Kindness, when exercised, it expects nothing, zero, nada in return. It only knows giving for the joy of giving. It is like a one-way ticket to the island of happiness.
It can be as simple as a smile to a stranger, a word of encouragement to a downer, or a recognition for a job well done.
Kindness embraces, embodies love and patience!
Have you ever had someone cutting right in front of you while you driving on the road?
What would you do? honk the horn? Give him the finger? Or scream your lungs out with a word of anger that you and only you could hear? All of these are the result of you lacking patience, which will drain your energy, damage your heart and belittle your soul.
What if you turn that raging emotion into a loving-kind gesture, a wave of your hand ,
or a smile as if saying " I understand"; you, my friend, have just created a beautiful world, his and yours are one in harmony.
An act of kindness can have a lifetime impact . It travels through time, space and touches many generations of humankind.
Come with me . . Going back in time . .
The year was 1966. Do you remember where you were? What you do?
I know you are laughing. . " hey, Sam I am! I was not even born yet."
Yea! I was barely 20 years old and I joined . .
( oh, please, . . don't do the math)
I joined the US Special Forces as a combat interpreter.
As the war escalated, So was I shipped to serve an A team, A232 of Tan tai, a camp deep inside the jungle of central highland of Vietnam.
8 months into my deployment, an incident happened that forever changed my life.
It was a late summer evening,
hot, humid and the juggle seems standing still, quiet, unusually quiet, .
If you had been with me, you would have seen the whole Special Foreces Tanrai camp bathing in a late lazy evening sun.
no birds flying.
No monkeys crying. .
and all of a sudden, the ground was shaken. . Like an earthquake. Then Boom, boom, boom. .boom . . boom. . In very corner of the camp.
You could hear the panicky screaming voices " Attack,
Attack. . take cover" as the artillery rounds landed, exploded inside the camp, sending smoke into the air. Dirt, debris flying everywhere. .
At that chaotic, terrifying moment, I ran , I ran and I crawled for my life into a bunker.
Now, If you are ever scared of watching a war movie, my friend, this will make you
wet your pants!!!
The attack, the counter attack, the exchange of deadly explosive rounds goes on for a good 2 minutes, which feels like eternity, until a gunship comes to silence the enemy firepower.
When all the commotion died out, the attack's over, you can see that no one was hurt, just holes on the ground and tattered sandbags from the explosions. It was a miracle!
The following day, when the dust was settled, the smell of gun smoke is still lingering in the air, my camp commander, captain Ray Striler, 6ft 5, a handsome white guy, in his black pajama, the uniform of the special operations, sees
me in his office, looks at me dead in the eye and says"
"Son, you are too young to get killed in this battlefield. Why don't get your ass out of here tomorrow, okay?.
- What? I am his personal interpreter, the link between him and his Vietnamese counterparts. He needs me; he needs me now more than ever, and he wants to send me away? No way, capt. Ray! I am going to give him a piece of my mind.
- sir, but I want to . .
I see his hand is on his black revolver slung by his side. . and his voice solid like rock.
-" Damned! I don't want to hear any buts. This is an order. Now, get your shit ready by 0800 hrs. You understand?" And he walks away.
That is child abuse!
The following morning, a helicopter landed on the helipad, by the entrance of the camp. Amidst the sound of the running engine, the winds blasting from the spinning rotor blades, I salute my loving-kind young commander, and off to the B team, B23, located in the heart of the city of Banmethuot, which is the headquarters that runs all the A teams in the region.
Three weeks later, a report came from the camp Tan rai. My replacement took a single sniper shot, killed him instantly.
I was stunned, shock and numb at the news. .
That bullet was intended for me for I am the link, the target, and Ray saved my life.
Fast forward. .
2010, in America, that is 44 years later.
( hey, I am doing you a favor, you don't need to do the math!) my family and I were on Christmas break, vacationing at the top of MT Hood, Oregon.
The evening before leaving the snowy mountain, dinner was just over. . dishes are still on the table. . Fireplace is cracking . . flame is flickering, threads of smoke floating up to the ceiling . . Outside, through the glass window, you could see flakes of snow lazily falling into the night.
My oldest son, Lam Le, sitting across the table began a question that I never thought he would ask
- dad, so . If Ray did not ship you out, there wouldn't be mom, wouldn't be me, wouldn't be any body here, right?
My friend, do you feel the enormity, the gravity of the question?
Deepens . . solemn . . and profound.
Minutes slowly passing by, as it feels like. I finally told my son.
- yes, son. If it weren't for Ray, there would be no one here, tonight, at all.
My friend, when you touch someone with your kindness, you have no control of how far, how wide, how deep it goes. It travels through space and time and reaches many generations of mankind.
. Give it a go! . . Be kind . . and touch lives.